The Colleges of Applied Sciences are working continuously on steady steps under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education in accordance to specific plans based on scientific foundations to assure the true investment of skills and abilities. The colleges strive to achieve the quality of education by utilizing all possible potentials. These colleges aim at creating a balanced scientific process that combines both success and uniqueness as the important components of the educational process. Therefore, the website of the Colleges of Applied Sciences is set in order to suit the revolution of information that has become one of the most important features of the contemporary world. The website offers more services for the continuous developments to all members of the colleges, which will directly contribute in developing the educational process. The website will also provide a variety of information and services, which will benefit students, faculty members, and the local community.

We hope that the website will be developed continuously in order to become a unique model of professional websites.


Dr. Abdullah Ali Al-Shibli

Director General of the Colleges of Applied Sciences