Statistics Department

Responsible for the following:



  • Collecting and providing statistical information and data required by the Ministry and updating them regularly.

  • Contacting the Colleges and Directorates of the Ministry to get the recent available statistical data.

  • Classifying statistical information and data of the colleges and updating them.

  • Collecting periodical data and statistical information related to the activities of the Directorate and analyzing them.

  • Submitting these data to the concerned authorities and getting recommendations from them.

  • Providing the concerned authorities in the Ministry with the statistical data permitted to be published when required.

  • Reviewing and interpreting statistical data, illustrating them in graphs, and preparing these data for issuing the annual statistical data about the colleges.

  • Exchanging statistical information and data with the concerned authorities in the Sultanate as permitted.

  • Working with the Media Department in preparing publication, research and prints related to the colleges.

  • Any other similar works assigned to the department.