Service type

Research Project Support Request

Service description

Requesting support and fund from the budget of Applied Sciences Colleges for proposed research projects at colleges. There are two types of proposed research projects :

  1. Whenever the value of the project does not exceed 1000 (one thousand) Omani Rials, it shall be approved based on the recommendations of the Scientific Research Department at the College.
  2. Whenever the value of the research project exceeds 1000 (one thousand) Omani Rials, it shall be approved based on the recommendations of the Scientific Research Committee at the Ministry.

Target groups

Faculty members and research groups

Service procedures

Support requests are submitted and decided upon as follows:

  1. The concerned parties shall submit their support request, using the template set by the Ministry for this purpose, to the Head of Department to which they belong so that he/she may forward it to the Department.
  2. The Department shall study the request and forward it to the Assistant Dean so that he/she may give his/her opinion and then pass it on to the Dean accompanied by his/her recommendations so that the College Dean may take a decision. When the support fund exceeds 1000 (one thousand) Omani Rials, the Dean refers the request and an attachment with his views to the Committee.
  3. The Committee shall study the request and make recommendations in regard to the matter before forwarding it to the Undersecretary for the final decision.

In all cases, for a support request to be accepted, the research may not have already received funding from any governmental or private entity.

Target areas



  • Template of Research Project Support Request (PDF)
  • Template of the contract (PDF)

Implementing entity

Scientific Research Departments at Applied Sciences Colleges

Scientific Research Committee at Directorate General of Colleges of Applied Sciences

Time to provide service

It depends on the date of holding Scientific Research Committee meeting


Scientific Research:

Organized activities in different areas of science and/or  humanities with a view to producing new knowledge by following specific scientific methods. This also includes applied, academic, and developmental research, including those resulting in innovations.

Regulations and conditions regulating the procedure

Bylaw Regulating Scientific Research in Colleges of Applied Sciences issued by the Ministerial Decree No. (38/2016)