Support requests are submitted and decided upon as follows:    

1- The researcher/researchers shall submit their support request, using the template set by the Ministry for this purpose, to the Head of Department to which they belong so that he/she may forward it to the Scientific Research Department at the college.


2- The Head of Department shall study the request and forward it with his views to the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research.


3-  The Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research shall give his/her opinion and then pass it on to the Dean accompanied by his/her recommendations.


4- The College Dean may take a decision based on the recommendations of the Scientific Research Department and the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research for the support fund which does not exceed 1000 (one thousand) Omani Rials. When the support fund exceeds 1000 (one thousand) Omani Rials, the Dean refers the request with his feedback to the (Scientific Research Center) Scientific Research Committee.


5- The Center shall study the request and prepare for the meeting of the Scientific Research Committee, which shall study the request and make recommendations in regard to the matter before forwarding it to the Undersecretary for the final decision.


6- The Center shall reply to the request within one week from the date of receiving the decision.


7- Financial expenditure is done in the Finance and Admin. Affairs Department at College according to the financial procedures followed in the Colleges and according to what has been achieved in the project based on the research plan approved by the committee.


8- The researcher/researchers shall be committed to the conditions, laws and regulations of scientific research at colleges as stipulated in the Bylaw Regulating Scientific Research in the Colleges of Applied Sciences


Note: For a support request to be accepted, the research must not have already received funding from any governmental or private entity.


For inquiries email:

Or call: 24340222/24340677