Post and Documentation Department:

In charge of the following:

  • Recording the received and sent mails of the concerned authorities in a chronological order taking into account the documents classification system accredited in the authority.

  • Submitting the sent mail to the concerned authorities, keeping copies of it and returning the copies to the generating authority.

  • Contributing in setting the procedural tools related to the documents management; especially the documents classification systems and the timetable of retention period.

  • It also participates in helping staff and training them in using these tools. Offering technical support to the different departments of the concerned authority in order to transfer its expired documents to be saved with the intermediate documents.

  • Managing and retaining the intermediate documents as well as organizing reviewing them by the concerned authorities.

  • Separating intermediate documents that exceeded the retention period. Transferring these documents to the authority or damaging them by coordinating with the documents department.

  • Any other similar works assigned to the department.