Colleges of applied sciences to be pioneering in the field of applied sciences and competing higher education institutions at national and regional levels. 


Developing scientific research at colleges of applied sciences to produce and disseminate knowledge, and provide applied researchemin the Sultanate using recent tools of technology and knowledge that contribute in developing applied solutions for Omani environment and community issues.


  1. Providing an appropriate environment that stimulates innovation, conducting outstanding research studies and supporting efforts exerted in a bid to serve the centre’s mission.

  2. Arranging research programs for private and public institutions to link the academic institutions with the society.

  3. Supporting research studies financially to guarantee benefit by cooperating with different collages.

  4. Publishing research studies and MA and PHD dissertations’ abstracts in Oman Journal for Applied Sciences according to the publishing rules of the journal.

  5. Following up procedures of faculty members’ promotions.

  6. Organizing conferences and symposiums in collages in and outside the Sultanate.