E-Academic system Centre:


    The E-Academic System Center is the gate of the Colleges of Applied Sciences to the world of information technology. Since establishing the Center in the Directorate General of the Colleges of Applied Sciences in 2010, it has been assigned to undertake the role of setting plans and developing the use of information technology systems, e-learning, and new technologies in the Colleges. 


     The Center works within three main departments formed to achieve the vision of the Colleges of Applied Sciences in the field of Information Technology. These departments paly their roles in an integrated system with the other departments in the Directorate General of the Colleges of Applied Sciences or in the Colleges. 


Systems Support Department:


    This Department manages the systems that serve the Colleges of Applied Sciences like Student Data System, which enables registering student data and their courses. This system also provides reports and statistics that serve the Department of Admission and Registration in the Colleges. The system also provides course transcript in both Arabic and English, in addition to offering study plans for all courses and specializations. Library management System (Symphony) is also another system supervised by specialties in the Department. This system connects all the libraries of the Colleges. It provides e-index to help stakeholders when they search for information. It also provides a list of all books available in the system that help students in their educational journey.


 E-Learning Department:


     E-Learning Department contributes in exceeding time and place to provide the latest technologies to develop education. The Ministry has adopted (Blackboard) system to be applied in the Colleges since 2008. This system manages the educational process and offers interactive and dynamical courses to manage the content of the courses in order to be easier and clearer to students. The system also offers registering student information (SIS) providing their timetables and following up students and staff members to be connected by chat rooms, discussion forums and e-mail. The system is constantly upgraded through the cooperation between the company providing the system and the specialists in the Department and Colleges. The Department also offers annual subscription in e-periodicals (EBESCO) that provide e-sources for all programs offered in the Colleges. 


 Network Support Department:


     This Department plays the role of managing the local networks in the Colleges of Applied Sciences. It also connects networks, manages servers and provides backup service to avoid losing any important information. The Department also connects the Colleges with the Ministry by high-speed MPLS lines that can reach MB1.