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Mass Communication Program


Program overview

Communication Studies Programme was established in 2005/2006 along with the inauguration of the Colleges of Applied Sciences and it is offered in three colleges: Nizwa CAS, Sur CAS and Salalah CAS. The five majors of the programme are :

  • Digital Media.

  • Journalism.

  • Public Relations.

  • Media Management, and

  • Greenhouse Assistants.

  • Advertising..





Our vision is to become a leading communication studies programme delivered in English in the region by educating and preparing skilled professionals for the industry; focusing on applied research and capable of providing practical and innovative solutions for both local and regional needs.


Our mission is to provide high quality graduates who can meet national and regional employment needs and prepare students for postgraduate studies and lifelong learning through provision of knowledge and skills. The programme aspires to offer premier specialities in media education that will create and sustain a competent workforce in the dynamic and multicultural work environment of media and communication in the Sultanate of Oman.




Entry Requirements


  • Only 2013/2014 General Diploma Certificate is accepted.

  • Student should be physically and mentally fit for the offered programs.

  • Student should have a minimum of General Education Diploma, Islamic Institutes Diploma with not less than Grade - C in English Language and with not less than Grade - D in Arabic Language.

  • The sum of the marks obtained in English and Arabic Language will be weighted for 60% and marks obtained in total subjects will be weighted for 40% in calculating the final Grade of the aspiring students respectively.

  • In situation where more than one students manage to attain same marks, the highest grade in English and Arabic Language will be considered as tie breaker respectively.

  • In case the student is found qualified to enrol, s/he will have to choose one of the aforesaid specialization to pursue their graduation.


Program Structure


Communication Studies:

  • College Requirement  -  36

  • Department Requirement  -  50

  • Major Requirement  -  42

  • Food Monitoring Specialists.

  • Total Course Hours  -  128


Graduate Attributes


The program aims to provide graduates with a level of tertiary education that is commensurate with International Standards. The graduates of the program are expected to:

  • Have the fundamental knowledge and experience in communication that will enable them to be practicing professionals in the industry.

  • Develop mastery in a major field of study that will enable them to contribute to the economic and cultural development of Oman.

  • Develop and maintain technological competence to internationally recognized standards.

  • Be equipped with superior communication skills, professional competence and leadership skills within an environment that nurtures ethical behavior.

  • Be able to pursue self-learning and personal development experiences through the rigorous study program, and participation in problem solving scenarios.

  • Be able to respond creatively to client requirements and demonstrate innovative ways to meet their needs.

  • Demonstrate ability to analyses communication problems and synthesize creative solutions.

  • Respond creatively to the social, cultural and economic needs of the community.

  • Practice in accordance with professional and ethical responsibility.

  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively.

  • Critically evaluate their performance and the work of other scholars, practitioners and communication professionals.


These skills and attributes are mapped in the courses to achieve the skills and attributes contributed by each course in the program.


Digital Media


Digital Media courses explore the practical and theoretical competencies in production of audio visual media and digital storytelling. Students achieve skills for planning and executing TV and video productions. They learn to work with customers in promotional video projects and are familiarized with aesthetics of audio visual storytelling in short film projects. Students also learn basics of animation, interactive media and web media.


Career Opportunities in Digital Media


Digital Media graduates can be employed in broadcasting, video production companies and advertising agencies. They can work as audio visual specialists in the companies and organizations that use media in their external and internal communications. They can also work as content developers in interactive and web media.




The Journalism major looks at the principles and theory of journalism practice, emphasizing basic journalism skills and formats such as structuring and developing content, researching and writing news stories for appropriate target audiences. They are exposed to all the relevant platforms of news media: print media, broadcasting and new media and they achieve basic design and technical skills for publishing stories in convergent media.


Career Opportunities in Journalism


Journalism graduates can find employment in newspapers, periodicals and magazines. They can also work in central information services, press information bureaus, websites and TV channels. One can also take up their career as part time employment along with any other field of work. Career options in journalism: journalists can work as editors, reporters, columnists, correspondents, staff or freelance writers, photo journalists, proof readers, news analysts in newspapers, electronic media and web pages.


Public Relations


The Public Relations major examines the theories and principles of PR with specific emphasis on common issues of business communication. It introduces key concepts of audience analysis, strategic planning and decision-making within the context of events management, marketing, advertising and the media. The students will also explore organizational communication and communication strategies from a business-oriented viewpoint. Human resource communication is also a part of this major which deals with issues of employment and industrial relations, employer and employee rights, etc.


Career Opportunities in Public Relations


Public Relations graduates can work as PR officers in corporate sector, public sector, government agencies, tourist agencies, hotels, banks and other financial institutions, private consultancy firms etc.


Media Management


There is a growing need for professionals who can apply management principles in media context. The media management major combines theories of media culture, content production for different delivery channels, communication skills, project management skills, organizational knowledge and staff management principles. Creative thinking and entrepreneurial skills are emphasized. The program provides a path to management career. The graduates can work as assistant officers or coordinators in the management departments of companies, organizations or individual projects. After work experience they can get managerial jobs.


Career Opportunities in Media Management


Media Management graduates have an opportunity to work in communication industries: television, movies, music, advertising, news, electronic services and social media. While they explore the principles of responsible and effective management, they will be competent enough to be in the middle management of large media organizations or even manage a small newly established media organization. Other job potentials include positions in events management, corporate communication and human resources management.




The advertising major brings together the academic and professional perspectives of advertising. It explores how advertising works in a society, especially in a developing economy, and examines the relationship between consumer behaviour and advertising. The socio-cultural aspects of advertising in the Arab world and especially in Oman are discussed. The students will understand the importance of marketing research in advertising. They will learn to develop advertising strategies and campaigns as well as how to work with customers. They know the production process of advertising from idea generation and copywriting to artistic and technical realization of advertisements and commercials in print and electronic media.


Career Opportunities in Advertising


Advertising graduates can find work in advertising and promotional agencies or marketing departments of public and private corporations. They can also work in media companies specialized on commercial productions.